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We mix technology, design and business consulting together to monetize and build products that your audience love.

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We create games and apps with unique audience-focused experiences.


From Netflix to long-tail. Video content distribuiton for all screens and platforms.


Private ad network with direct sales. Sponsorship deals. Co-creative partnerships.


Platforms. Digital products. Metaverse. NFTs. Crazy ideas? Yes, we have.

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If you build it they will come

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We can help clients understand their digital challenges and discover the best approach to address it. Then we build teams around clients needs making sure we have the right skills in the room.

Luccas Toon

Luccas Toon App

2020 - ∞
Screenshots of Luccas Toon app

Focused 100% on audience whishes.

After UX Research we have found out a metaverse interface that fosters creativity and imagination when kids build and customize their own avatars.

Various games, Luccas Neto's franchise movies and episodes from his Youtube channel are also included as monetization streams.


Galinha Pintadinha Icon

Bromelia | Lottie Dottie Chicken

2009 - ∞
app | vod

Video distribution for all screens and territories

Spread your content to as many channels as possible is the easiest and less expensive investment to increase your revenue.

01 Digital has strategic alliances and a global network that open the doors to dozens of platforms. From behemoths like Netflix and HBO Max to tiny local players, we have delivered Lottie Dottie Chicken's show to roughly 500 million people in 45 countries.

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Digital video
Turma da Mônica TV

Turma da Mônica TV

2020 - ∞
Screenshots of Turma da Monica TV app

60 years of work in one app

01 Digital had the honor to build a digital product which encompass Maurício de Sousa's entire video collection.

With clean interface and hybrid monetization, Mônica TV app featured content covers decades of studio's creative production.


Universinho app

Universinho app

2020 -
app | vod

All-in-one solution for strategy, development and management.

When UOL, world’s largest Portuguese speaking web portal, jump in kids business they needed a strategic partner with market intelligence and software development expertise.

Besides end-to-end product design solutions, 01 Digital was also nominated exclusive content agregator, and took care of curatorship, deals negotiation and platform management.


Zum Studios

We have an in-house game creation studio. Where a team of specialized professionals creates unique games and experiences co-created with the audience. Ensuring audiences stay connected and engaged with their favorite creators and characters wherever they are.

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